Miss Kay’s Burgers

With so many bread-and-patty joints out there to satisfy our burger urges and quench our need for something Grill’d, it’s hard to find any one place in Brisbane that truly stands out.

But alas, the burger gods have answered my prayers, and sent me to the heart of the Brisbane CBD where one beef burger bistro beats them all.

Stepping into Miss Kays on George St was like stepping back in time with its awesome upstairs retro bookshelf café (for those who still have the attention span to read these days) and nifty downstairs bar.

The restaurant’s very fifties theme is also present in the menu items, with names like the Austin Flowers burger and Millie Vanilli milkshake on offer.

For those who prefer the present, there’s also a few modern creative burgers in the mix, such as the Ludacrisp and Mac Daddy, which get the thumbs up from me.

Starting with sides, my top picks are the insta-worthy (*actually, everything on the menu is insta-worthy) Krispy Fried Wings and Dirty Fries.

Sprinkled with Miss Kay’s special seasoning, this burger joint’s Dirty Fries are a must-have, and go oh-so-well with all the burgers on offer, especially the Porky Pig or Poutine Burger.

The Krispy Fried Wings, which include their infamous Buffalo Wings and Sweet BBQ wings are seriously good, and could be meals themselves for those with smaller appetites.

With all the burgers on offer being so tasty and amazing value for money, it’s difficult to choose just one to reign supreme.

However, I would have to say that my personal favourite would have to be the Poutine Burger, which is a beef patty that includes all the ingredients from what I’ve envisioned as burger heaven – bacon bits, halloumi, fries, gravy, pickle, lettuce, and mayo.

Simple, but brilliant.

This burger, coupled with Miss Kay’s The Puff Daddy salted caramel milkshake topped with whipped cream, made me one very happy customer.

So if you’re on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind burger joint that is a dash of old-school vibes mixed with scrumptious meals on offer, look no further than Miss Kay’s burgers.


Image provided by Lumberjack Creative, taken from http://www.misskays.com.au/gallery

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  1. I’m sold! The food sounds delicious and I love to read so it sounds like the perfect place for me to check out!! 😄🍴🍔🤗


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