Spiderman: Homecoming

Tom Holland is by far the most awkward Spiderman yet – and it’s what made this movie so good!

Having caught a glimpse of the masked vigilante in Captain America: Civil War, my friends and I expected to be similarly impressed during the screening of Spiderman: Homecoming on Thursday night.

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‘”Sun Tzu-ing” a cheater

Recently, a close friend of mine found out her partner was cheating on her during their long term relationship. And that was pretty shit.

As everyone knows, loving those close to you means that you feel their pain as well, and it was horrible to see her so hurt and betrayed. For security reasons, I won’t name names, but the cheater (who will be referred to from now on strictly through male pronouns) knows who he is.

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With so many bread-and-patty joints out there to satisfy our burger urges and quench our need for something Grill’d, it’s hard to find any one place in Brisbane that truly stands out.

But alas, the burger gods have answered my prayers, and sent me to the heart of the Brisbane CBD where one beef burger bistro beats them all.

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