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Hello new readers!

After many nights and days debating with myself, and with much encouragement from friends and family, I finally decided to push away my misgivings and start my own blog. For a little over a year now I had been struggling with the idea of writing my own blog as I felt I had very little to contribute, especially after seeing all the amazing blogs my fellow friends at uni and elsewhere had begun. But as a journalism student who recently turned 19, I realised that time was getting away from me, and if I didn’t start a blog now, then I never would!

Fast forward 60-something years, and I would be a old lady sitting on a rocking chair (or a hover chair; who knows what technology would have achieved by then?) regretting not taking the opportunity to put myself out there while I was still young and mobile.

So here I am!

My blog, called Quills & Paper, will hopefully turn out to be an accumulation of many different articles which will cover everything from general topics such as travel and lifestyle, to more ‘hard news’ posts about my interpretations on world events and politics/ religion. I know the best blogs are usually more niche than this, but as a budding journo/ writer, I like having the flexibility to write whatever comes to mind.

Thank you for stopping by and please stick around! I promise you that more interesting and exciting content will be added to this blog soon xx

Jacqui P.

Photo: Radhika Srivasta,, 27/01/16

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